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Here is a sampling of some of the feedback we've received on various surveys... This area will be regularly updated so check in often and find out more about what people think of the surveys and results.

By the way, if you do or do not want me to list your name or e-mail address if I reprint a letter, please say so.

Comments from the Editor:

I want to apologize for not updating the site as promptly as it has been in the past - this is strictly due to the fact that my life has been incredibly hectic as of late. Aside from this, be assured that I've carefully considered every e-mail I've received, and yes, I'm still aware that my spelling sucks.
- Ed.

Miscellaneous Comments:

I'm a ninth grader and my history class is doing a project on the 1996 Presidential Election. My topic to research is polling questions. I need to know how people who write polls come up with the the polling questions that are asked. Thanks for the help!
- I can't comment on how anyone else comes up with questions, but I try to create objective and non-pointed questions, giving respondents the opportunity to select a diverse group of answers - enough so that almost every viewpoint is covered. It's difficult given the diversity of people; no matter what you come up with, chances are there's always some group of people who claim they're being discriminated against.
- Ed.

I noticed in the Survey that you(plural) had too many 'polar' choices, and not enough in between 'gray area' choices. The Political Survey #3 was extremely hard to answer, because in order to pick almost any of the given choices I would have to comromise my beliefs. I don't know how you can improve on this though without adding more choices.
Robert Evans

When are you going to have new surveys? You've had the same ones for months and it shows... the O.J. Simpson Poll? No one cares.
John Brown
- I agree. I've been long overdue in adding new surveys; this has not been the result of laziness -- just limited time. My latest project, an Online classified database system (of which I'm currently running a regional prototype) has been ongoing and I regret not spending more time on Survey.Net. In the future, much more time and attention will be spent on this system, including lots of new features including tables, charts and graphs of statistics, and of course lots of new surveys.
- Ed.

I just finished taking/reading all of the surveys. I think this is a good idea whose time has come. Keep up the good work.

;Survey Suggetsion : The Interent and health Do people use the internet to find information out about their health ? and if so, what information do they look for ? How do they use the information they find ?, where do they get it from ? and why ? ie. Is it very personal and they don't want a face to face meeting with their physician. Or do they feel that the issue is too trival to bother their physician. How many people consult their physician via the Internet ?

Your site is the coolest and most fun place I've seen here on the 'net. Well yes, my opinion is a bit biased because I'm a survey freak anyway, but I had such a good time taking all of your surveys!!
veronica kish

Dear Sir/Madame, I am doing my MA dissertation on the media coverage of the OJ Simpson case. I would like you to email me any information you have on the international media coverage of the case. Particularly, I would like to know in which countries the event was transmitted by television. Thank you for your attention, please write back as soon as possible. My email address is

It's cool to see everyone's beleifs but it's also kind of scary. But, that's not your problem. Just wanted to say Hi. Have a nice day. :)
nthony Steiner

Political Survey and other rantings

sorry but this letter is basically just a bitchfest about the type of responses that we read. we were shocked at some of the obnoxious responses made by the predominantly white pro-life conservative right-wing religous older financially secure male zealots. many of these people were probably the same ones that voted for reagonomics.and we all know where that led to, the biggest national debt in the shortest time period. aren't we still paying for that 2-term debacle? they complain about scandals but what about iran-contra and "i don't remember or i do not recall".does america need another senile president leading us into the 21st century? on that note,people bitch about clinton's lack of foreign policy skills, but i don't recall clinton puking on any foreign dignitaries lately. people seem to believe that the country can only be run by upper-class white christian men with antiquated ideals. wake up and smell the cappuccino!!!it's a new age and we demand equal representation.

Um, Libertarians are socially liberal? Where does that come from? Libertarians are a conservatives conservative. Less government. Period. Doesn't get much more conservative than that.

It seems to me that the results of this survey suggest that your virtual ballot box has been stuffed by some busy-fingered Libertarians........

The recent poll that I took was a joke. Keep your propaganda off the net. It was suppose to be a poll not a Harry Brown campaign ad. Here's some advice. Don't disgrace your candidate or your party with stunts like this. If you have anything that you want to say in defense of your poll please send me your arguments.
James A. Jones Jr
- I keep wondering why people automatically assume I'm Libertarian. I'm not. If you all must know, I'm officially registered as an "Independent". As I've said in the past, the Libertarians seems to be more active and organized online, thus they appear more prominent.
- Ed.

how do you explain that a man with the clinton record could even be considered as a serious candidate.And how about his health we want algore as president? how can the American people be dumb enough to reelect a coward who is corrupt morally and in every way worth considering? do we want a man of this caliber leading us? He hides continually behind his fortress in DC and we should be so ashamed that we cringe when he is ever on the boob tube.

Dear Sir or Madam: Could you please update your presidential election survey to include candidates who have entered the race? I am especially asking that you include Howard Phillips of the United States Taxpayers' Party in the listing. Phillips was nominated by the United States Taxpayers' Party on August 18, 1996 at their national convention.
Adam Valle

In your political poll, you have inadvertantly omitted Howard Phillips, the nominee of the U.S. Taxpayers Party (which is on the ballot in over 40 states and is growing rapidly). The web site is at Please make the correction on your poll options so it can represent the full spread of available candidates nationwide.
Greg Moeller

Please add Howard Phillips of USTP ( to your poll as a candidate. He will be on 42-45 state ballots this year, many more than Raplh Nader. USTP is one of 6 national parties recognized by the FEC. I think fairness demands he be listed.
Mitch & Cheryl Turner
- Howard Phillips and the USTP are now on the ballot
- Ed.

About the only thing that I've seen from any poll on the net is that a majority of people use the net are white, rich, and libertarian... Even though you claim no scientific accuracy, I would go as far as saying that this type of poll is absolutly worthless as an indication of any sort of wider voter trend, as the demographics of people likely to use the net are too limited to make anything more than a pitifully small and non- representative sample.
Brent McKibbin
- I would argue with you on some of your points. I agree that the Internet's demographics are different from the mainstream (then again, anyone who claims to know exactly what defines "mainstream" is probably not on the mark either), but I sincerely believe that the trends and attitudes exhibited online are a preview of the overall trends of our society - after all, tens of thousands of new people come online each month; the reach of the Internet is invading almost all political, cultural and economic areas of society. What we're seeing now online may be a preview of the overall future outlook of the majority.
- Ed.

If Harry Browne is not invited to the Presidential Debates, then I can only conclude that we ALL our Slaves of the Liberal Media and of the advocates of the New World Order; Heaven Help Us. Browne has met all the criteria of the PDC.
Peter L. Sroufe

Please ask how many people believe that Harry Browne and other alternative candidates belong in the debates. I think most people will say yes. Then give the results to the Commission on Presidential Debates. Maybe there is a way to e-mail the commission directly. Their street address is 601 13th St. N.W. Suite 310, Washington, DC 20005.
Alice Lillie

Who in hell is Harry Brown?
Murray S. Haber

My Spelling? Surely you jest!

Under the Whitewater question, you've spelled "proportion" wrong.

Your surveys look very interesting. Would you like some help proofreading them?

PROZAC. You spelled it Prozak. It is a trademark, and it is spelled with a 'c'.
Kevin Newman
- I was going to correct this error, but right now I'm too depressed.
- Ed.

In "What qualities are important in a President?" "laywer" should be "lawyer."
Terry Webb

Please correct spelling of lawyers to this:
Barry Scheck
Johnnie Cochran
Alan Dershowitz
- Note that I require a $1000 retainer and $300/hour to correct the misspellings of lawyers' names.
- Ed.

Comedy Survey

Ya gotta catch Chris Parnell in the Sunday Company at The Groundlings in L.A. He's also in the upcoming Arnold Schwarz movie "Jingle All The Way", which starts in November. He was on one of the latter episodes of Hope & Gloria (The one where they were caught in the cablecar on the side of a mountain). Watch him! He's gonna do it!
Jack Parnell

I like MAD TV's "My White Mama" its so funny, they way they guy gets so mad, and then is real happy, and then mad agian. I just thot i should say that.
Graham Clark

I am not sure if you can help me or not but I was told that Chris Tucker, the actor and comedian died a couple of weeks ago. Just in case you are not familiar with him, he was in the movies Friday and Dead Presidents. I really loved his work and I would like to know for sure if has died or not. If there is any info on the WEB could you let me know also. Thanks alot.
Av Ron Trabue

You think you get weird mail?

Tom, blond, 26, Germany. WANTED: GIRL, 20-35, blond, schlank, schöne HSnde, mit elegantem Stil BYE!
e-mail convenienently unavailable

subject: irs and its extreme inefficiency i followed the following steps to receive my refund: 1.)up to this time i spent 46 hours of time and $200 of my money for calling irs, regarding my refund 2.)i suppose to get refund of ~$4500 on ~02-20-96 i received only ~$1200 due to some error in 1989 taxes in california to find what was happening it took until ~03-20-96 and pursue further by my insistance irs arranged a “problem resolution case worker” she found it is a computer error,not your error 3.) case worker told me on ~04-20-96 my check for ~$3600 in mail. i called case worker after 3 weks,she told that it was mailed to my california address(even though i had given my present address in typing) 4.)austin case worker on ~05-10-96 ask me to call irs fresno california to re-issue this check to my present address in texas 5.)i called on ~04-10-96 to california .they told me i have to fill out a “tracer”(form 3911) form and i received it after 2 weeks 6.)i mail “tracer” form on ~06-10-96 to fresno. irs told me it will to trace the check 6 months to 1 year and longer 7.)i called irs fresno on 9-10-96 to find out my tracer form.they are invesrigating whether the check cashed or not irs told me it takes one to three months to find out i asked what is after that? if check is not cashed(at least 3 months) ,irs will send a form to me(2 weeks) and it take another month (one month)to re-issue a check after completed form received from me (two weeks) if i am lucky i wii receive check in five months from to-day(9-27-96)that is some time in march 1997 8.)at this stage i am confused and helpless , said to myself be patient and wait a year or year and half until irs re-issue check. as you know, irs never even reply to me,even if they reply it does not make any sense 9.)the way it looks to me irs calender runs to solve problems in increments of one(1) month,three(3) months,six(6) months,one(1) year and longer thanone(1) year by talking to irs about 46 hours,i came to the conclusion, people in irs are inefficient,ignorant,under-educated,lazy,tardy,easy going,fish-brain, non-trainable group of people! what a pity it is ! i hope you work on a legislation to make irs changed to better managed efficient organization
- By the way, the above letter was originally in all caps - I at least spared you all the enjoyment of seeing it in its original form.
- Ed.

I would like to contact some Hermaphrodite people. You think is possible? Can you help me? Thank you very much

Drug Survey

Marijuana never killed anyone, unlike more dangerous drugs, like alcohol and tobacco!!!

I feel that your survey is tilted to the drig user. As a former law enforcement officer I DO NOT condone drug use including Illegal drugs or legal drugs taken illegally.
Norm Dudek
- Just to set the record straight, Survey.Net also does NOT condone drig usage (or drugs for that matter).

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