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American Comedy Survey

On a lighter side, let's find out what makes YOU laugh. Who are your favorite comedians, types of comedy, shows and other things?

  1. Please pardon me if I've left someone out (It's impossible to list every possible candidate here!) Who is your favoriate stand-up male comedian? Even though this might be a tough choice, select your favorite from this list:

  2. Who is your favoriate female stand-up comedian?

  3. What kind of comedy do you prefer?

  4. Of those listed, which talk show do you think is/was the most entertaining?

  5. Of the following comedians, who's the best comedy actor in movies today?

  6. Of those listed below, what in your opinion is/was the funniest SITUATION comedy show?
    Once again, there are too many to list, but at the end of this survey, you can write-in your own answers

  7. Of those listed below, what is/was your favorite comedy show?

  8. Have you ever enjoyed comedy via the following:(check all that apply)

    - Visited a comedy club
    - Purchased an album/CD/tape
    - Purchased a CDROM
    - Comedy performance at other event (music concert, etc.)
    - Television
    - Cable/Satellite TV
    - Rented comedy videos
    - Attended feature-length movies
    - Purchased a comedy book
    - Pay-Per-View event

  9. Want to comment on another comedian or favorite show/sitcom that's not on the list? Want to tell us your favorite joke? Enter a few sentences; do not press ENTER unless you're ready to submit your entire survey.(let's keep it clean though):

Thanks very much for participating in the survey!

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