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In today’s fast-paced society, it seems people more than ever are worried about things. Let’s delve a bit into the dynamics of anxiety and honesty to discover what makes us more or less comfortable and secure.

Remember, when you have a multiple-choice question, select the single best answer - even if you might agree with more than one of the options.

Let's get a little bit of background information on who is taking the poll - this will be for detailed analysis & reporting. NOTE that you are still completely anonymous.

  1. What is your age?

  2. Your Sex:

  3. Your Status:

  4. Which is more significant to you?

  5. What troubles you the most?

  6. How often do you experience mild anxiety in your life, where you tend to worry, but it does not hinder your ability to function?

  7. How often do you experience severe anxiety in your life, to the point that it hinders your ability to function?

  8. In a general sense, which of the following do you worry about most?

  9. Specifically, which one of the following areas causes you the most concern?

  10. What do you do to cope when you feel upset and worried? (check any that apply)
    ignore it
    use prescription drugs
    use non-prescription drugs
    use alcohol
    use illegal drugs
    go to therapy
    meditation/relaxation exercises
    physical exercise
    talk myself into a calmer state of mind
    try to solve the situation that is causing my anxiety
    fight with people in my life
    shop/give myself present
    discuss things with a friend
    play with a pet
    listen to music
    watch television
    distract myself with other activities

  11. Of what's listed, what single thing might relieve the most stress to you?

  12. To what degree do you feel in control of your life?

  13. When you are worried, which of the following most closely characterize what you might say to yourself?

  14. When you anticipate a situation where you think it would be wise to be completely fourthright and honest, does this make you feel more anxious?

  15. After you have been honest in the face of a difficult situation do you feel..

  16. With whom is it more difficult to be honest?

  17. Under which circumstances might you lie, if an honest answer would be less than favorable?
    a friend asks me about his/her appearance
    a stranger askes me about his/her appearance
    a friend asks my opinion on his/her age
    a friend asks my opinion on his/her weight
    a friend asks my opinion about something he/she cannot change
    a friend asks my opinion about his/her performance in bed
    a co-worker inquires about the quality of his/her work
    a spouse/lover asks where I've been
    an inquiry was made about something I was supposed to do

  18. Have you ever done any of the following?
    received extra change when buying something and kept the change
    knew a price for a product was wrong (too low) and you didn’t say anything
    were overcharged for something and didn't complain
    faked an orgasm
    listed false information about your education, employment, skills on a resume or job application
    dated/slept with a friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend behind their back
    had sex with someone else while in a committed relationship and never told
    made a false insurance claim
    filed a false tax return
    cheated on a test

  19. If you lie about something, would you say you do so..

  20. With whom are you most likely to be dishonest?
    other family member
    close friend
    casual friend
    Internal Revenue Service
    insurance agent
    other government agent

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