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Internet User Survey

Let's get a little personal here and find out what kind of people surf the net.

  1. What is your age?

  2. Your Sex:

  3. Your highest level of education completed:

  4. What industry are you involved with or studying (if a student)? If you are involved in more than one business/industry, select the one relating to your main source of income/vocation:

  5. What type of position do you have?

  6. What is your average annual family income?

  7. What is your marital status?

  8. How many times have you been married?

  9. How many children do you have?

  10. How long have you been at your current job (if you're a student, how many years have you been in college)?

  11. How do you access the Internet now? (check all that apply):

    Local telephone company
    Local cable company
    From work
    Local independent ISP
    Friend's computer
    Public Terminals/Cyber cafe
    Local free net
    Via my school
    Other national ISP/Telco

  12. What's the maximum speed you access the Internet at from HOME?

  13. What's the maximum speed you access the Internet at from WORK?

  14. Have you ever purchased anything over the Internet?

  15. What do you use the Internet for? (check a few representing your major interests):

    Communication/keeping in touch
    Online shopping
    Get the latest news/financial information
    Online chatting
    Video conferencing
    I have a personal web page
    I'm involved with an Internet-based business
    Promotion of a non-Internet related business
    To generate additional revenue; explore entrepeneurship
    'Adult' (sexual) activities
    Employment/job searching
    Political/social causes
    Meeting new people; sharing interests

  16. On average, how many e-mail messages do you receive?

S O U N D - O F F - Your opinion matters!

Thanks very much for participating in the survey!

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