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Internet Religion Survey #1

  1. Do you believe in a supreme being?

  2. Among the options below, what best describes your religious beliefs?

  3. If your religion is not listed, specify here:

  4. If you are Christian, what sect/church do you belong to?

  5. Do you believe in the concept of heaven and hell in one form or another?

  6. Regarding an 'afterlife', do you believe in:

  7. What percentage of the time do you follow/adhere to your religious guidelines?

  8. How often do you attend communal religious ceremonies & functions (i.e. Church, rituals, gatherings with other believers, etc.)?

  9. Are your religious beliefs the same as those of your family or cultural tradition?

  10. Are your beliefs at this time different than what they were in your youth? I.e. Were you baptized into another religion or "converted"?

  11. Would you say that the passage of time has made you:

  12. In your opinion, how significant is religion to our society?

  13. Indicate what principals/ideals/entities you believe in: (Check all that apply)
    The Golden Rule
    Bible - Old Testament
    Bible - New Testament
    Book of Mormon
    Respect for those who believe differently
    The Trinity
    The 'Devil'
    Family planning/birth control
    Homosexuality (tolerance)
    Sex education in schools
    Eating pork
    Eating any meat

  14. What best describes, in general, your attitude towards religion?

  15. If you care to, please describe (in a sentence or two) your religious philosophy: (Enter a few sentences; do not press ENTER unless you're ready to submit your entire survey.)

Thanks very much for participating in the survey!

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