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Welcome to the Survey-Net SEX questionnaire! Since the internet seems to amplify the typically taboo desires of individuals, we thought we should find out more about the desires and opinions of those online relating to sex.

Please honestly answer these questions. This Survey is completely anonymous - at no time are any individual survey answers written to disk - they're instantly added to the master database; and of course, we really have no idea WHO you are in the first place - so answer truthfully.

We apologize if anyone is offended by the questions/responses in this survey. While the survey covers "pornographic" topics, the survey itself is NOT pornographic - fill out the questionnaire and learn more...

NOTE: This survey is a work in progress. I'm going to use some commonly-found abbreviations for various things. It would be a safe assumption that if you don't know what the abbreviation/reference means, you don't fit into that category.

There are also a LOT of fields in this form - some browsers may not handle it well.

  1. Your "gender":

  2. Your age group:

  3. At what age did you lose your virginity?

  4. Under what circumstances did you lose your virginity?

  5. Regarding a partner, was your first sexual experience...

  6. What is your sexual orientation?

  7. How many different sex partners have you had?

  8. What sexual aspects are you into?(Check all that apply)
                      Heavy      Mild      Curious
    Golden Showers                     
    Foot Fetish                        
    Public Sex                         
    Talking Dirty                      

  9. In what way do you feel the Internet contributes to sex? (check all that apply)
    No value at all
    Encourages perversion
    Promotes safe-sex
    It has helped my marriage
    It has improved my sex-life
    It has damaged my sex-life
    It has made me more open-minded
    It belittles the sanctity of the act
    Discourages adultry
    Encourages adultry
    Promotes honest communication
    Promotes deception
    It is a benign outlet for sexual frustration

  10. What level of experience have you had with sex on the Net? (check all that apply)
    I see very little sexual content on the net
    Exchanged erotic e-mail
    Talked dirty in IRC
    Downloaded erotic pictures
    Posted erotic pictures
    Masturbated while online
    Masturbated to material downloaded
    Had sex with someone met online
    Watched erotic Cuseeme broadcasts
    Transmitted erotic Cuseeme video
    Erotic internet voice communication
    Read online sex stories
    Posted sex stories
    Responded to an online personal ad
    Placed an online personal ad
    Purchased a sex-related product advertised on the net
    Sex on the net? Where & When?

  11. Does your Internet Service Provider censor content?

  12. Do you have children around that have access to the net...

  13. Considering the reality that many influential groups oppose the "openness" of sexuality on the Internet, what would be your solution in dealing with this?
    No Answer
    Shut down all sexual content on the Net
    Shut down all hard-core pornography
    Let national/international government enforce morality standards
    Let local government enforce morality standards
    Establish a democratic, internet-based self-regulating body
    Establish some sort of 'rating system' for sites
    The net should be completely open

  14. Are you in favor of children having access to online sexual material?

  15. Who should be responsible for ensuring that inappropriate people (such as children) do not have access to such controversial material?

  16. In general (disregarding any particular area) How easy is it to find sexual material on the net?

  17. Your turn! In a few sentences (if you desire), tell us what you think of Sex and the Internet: (Enter a few sentences; do not press ENTER unless you're ready to submit your entire survey.)

Thanks very much for participating in the survey!

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