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Internet Shopping Habits Survey

  1. Have you ever purchased a product from a company via the Internet? This includes ordering via telephone number listed on a web site.

  2. How many times have you made online purchases?

  3. If no, why not? (main reason)

  4. If yes, was your purchase(s) for an item that you specifically were searching for, or was it an item that you came across while Internet shopping and decided to buy?

  5. On the net, what is the primary factor which influences your decision to purchase items (not relating to the product, but to its presentation)?

  6. On average, are your purchases a storefront in a 'mall' setting, or from a 'standalone' storefront?

  7. Would you make repeat purchases from the sites that you've patronized?

  8. How did you pay for this online purchase (please answer for the majority of your purchases)?

  9. Have you ever had someone use your credit card and charge items without approval?

  10. Are you set up or do you plan to become set up for online payment proecssing using companies such as First Virtual, Cybercash, Digicash, Ecash, etc?

  11. What type of products have you purchased online? (Check all that apply)
    Books, Information and Magazines
    Business Opportunities
    College Services
    Computer-related products & services
    Cosmetics and Beauty Aids
    Flowers and Plants
    Home Products
    Infant and Toddler Products
    Information Resources/Help/Non-Profit
    Internet Products & Services
    Jewelry and Accessories
    Medical and Health Products
    Mortgage Lending
    Music and Videos
    New Age Products/Services
    Real Estate-related
    Safety and Security
    Adult Products/Services
    Other Services
    Sports and Fitness
    Toys and Games
    Travel and Vacations

  12. Have you been satisfied with the products that you have purchased online?

  13. How would you compare online ordering with mail ordering?

  14. Are you worried about giving credit card information over the telephone?

  15. Are you worried about giving credit card information over the internet (in a secured transaction)?

  16. Are you worried about giving credit card information over the internet (in a non-secured transaction)?

  17. In general, do you like the idea of online, computerized shopping?

Thanks very much for participating in the survey!

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