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Internet SPAM Survey

SPAM is today's hot topic - not the meat product, but the practice of sending unsolicited information over the Internet. "Spam" used to refer to massive cross-posting of messages in usenet, but most people think of it as unsolicited, obnoxious commercial e-mail. How do YOU feel about Spam?

Remember, when you have a multiple-choice question, select the single best answer - even if you might agree with more than one of the options.

Let's get a little bit of background information on who is taking the poll - this will be for detailed analysis & reporting. NOTE that you are still completely anonymous.

  1. What is your age?

  2. Your Sex:

  3. Who is your primary Internet provider?

  4. Does your provider filter unsolicited commercial e-mail?

  5. Select any of the items below which relate to your situation:
    Run a home-based business (full time)
    Run a home-based business (part time)
    Work for an Internet-related company
    Use E-Mail for marketing/solicitation
    Use Newsgroups for marketing/solicitation
    Work in the field of advertising/marketing
    Use the Internet to generate revenue
    I regularly send unsolicited commercial e-mail
    I regularly post usenet advertisements
    Manage/Administer an Internet server

  6. Have you ever sent unsolicited e-mail?

  7. How do you deal with spam/UCE?

  8. Have you ever complained about unsolicited e-mail to: (check all that apply)
    My ISP
    The sender
    The company being advertised
    The agency doing the mass mailing
    An advertised 800 number
    An advertised phone number
    A domain administrative contact
    The ISP from which the spam originated
    A government agency (FCC,FTC,FBI,Attorney General,etc)
    Mail-bombed a spammer
    Other type of attack (ping, DOS)

  9. How many unsolicited commercial e-mail messages would you say you receive per WEEK?

  10. Of the messages you receive, what type of advertising is the most common?

  11. How do you feel about unsolicited commercial e-mail?

  12. Do you feel that dealing with UCE costs you significant time and money?

  13. Where do you think people get your e-mail address? (select the most significant answer)

  14. Have you avoided posting messages in newsgroups because of solicitations?

  15. How do you avoid being spammed? (check all that apply)
    I avoid posting in newsgroups
    I use fake e-mail addresses
    I insert phrases like REMOVEME or NOSPAM in my e-mail address
    I don't advertise my e-mail address at all
    I put a warning in my signature
    I take hostile action against spammers
    I observe Internet advertiser blacklists
    I don't deal with any company that condones spamming
    I promptly ask to be removed from lists

  16. Do you think spammers are capable of regulating their activities to your satisfaction themselves?

  17. Roger Ebert suggested a "pledge" to curtail spamming, by agreeing to not do business with any company who sends UCE. How do you feel about this?

  18. What do you think should be done about UCE?

  19. Do you feel the government should step in and take action against UCE?

  20. If you believe the government should regulate UCE, what should be done? (check all that apply)
    UCE should be completely outlawed
    There should be STRICT enforcement of removal requests
    Spammers must use consistent, legitimate addressing/relays
    Spammers should only solicit users who have requested info
    Spammers should operate from their own top-level domain
    There should be a central 'Remove Registry' every mailing list should go through
    Spammers should be limited to X messages per month
    All UCE should be clearly identified
    Spammers should list their contact info (like 900-number ads)

  21. If the government regulates UCE, what should violators be subject to?

  22. There is a bill in Congress up for voting, called The Unsolicited Commercial Electronic Mail Choice Act of 1997 (S.771). It basically imposes fines of up to US$11,000 against spammers who refuse to properly label their mail as "Advertisement" and hijack third-party relays or otherwise hide their identity. Would you support the passage of this bill?

  23. How do you feel about usenet/newsgroup spamming?

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