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Survey Hosting & Polling Services

Do you like SURVEY.NET and want to investigate us running a poll or survey for you? We can offer an array of services and more detailed information and demographics.

Our "Custom Survey Service" involves creating a simple survey to your specifications, and hosting it from our network under your moniker. we will use our expertise in taking your market research inquiries and develop a survey which will yield the most detailed and comprehensive demographics possible. Best of all, the composite results will be immediately accessible during the entire course of the survey (which can be public or private).

The basic survey should be no more than 20 questions, with multiple choice or checkbox answer possibilities, and can include one essay-type question. We can also provide a complete database of respondent answers for more detailed analysis and cross-referencing. The survey would be hosted on our severs but you would link to it from your web site and we can assist in promotion. NOTE that contract surveys may not be part of the public SURVEY.NET site generally - this is reserved for generic polls that do not alienate visitors or are not overly specific in nature. We can help with promotion of your custom survey thought we assume it would generally be showcased on your (the client) site.

The cost for setup and hosting for a custom survey covering a six month period is US$500.00. This includes everything from survey development through a brainstorming session on marketing tactics and assistance in attracting the audience you require to maximize the survey's accuracy. We can even set the survey's look-and-feel to match your existing web site for seamless integration.

For more specific information requests or to pursue a custom survey Use this form.

For more information, consult the SURVEY.NET Frequently-Asked Questions page.

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